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Access all your employees' information in one secure place

Manage all HR-related information and processes on Digi-Paye

Payslips in all simplicity

Retrieve your payslips quickly and easily.

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Automated production

Centralize all the information required for automating payslips in a single application

Rates updated

Updates of rates, limits and calculation based on regulatory, legal and conventional arrangements using the nominative social statement "DSN"

New in 2019

Integration of the withholding tax


A dedicated payroll consultant available by phone, email and web chat will assist you every day in managing your payroll

Our dedicated experts manage the export of your data and the initial setup. They provide a legal watch and an update on new regulations. They will effectively answer all your questions (payroll calculations, new regulations, support...).

Our others features

  • Dashboard with key figures and pending requests
  • Viewing employee schedules
  • Role management (HR director, Manager, Super HR, etc.)
  • Management of medical check-up dates
  • Management of the company calendar
  • Closing of monthly payroll
  • Secondment of payroll accounting statements

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